Micah is . . .

I guess I would classify myself as a dreamer foremost with an interesting outlook on life and how to live it. I've been blessed to travel the world, work for Atari, AOL, Yahoo, Disney, JPL and to live in Los Angeles with my lovely wife. I've also had the great fortune to work in some form of creative role for the majority of my career.

My current passion is creating games and VR content but I qualify this as my "current passion" because this has changed over time. If I'm honest, I have lots of passions but if there were one thing I could do, whether or not I got paid for it, it would be building VR experiences. Outside of that, I also enjoy making movies, composing music and writing. My formal training is in Design and New Media, however my career path has taken me through various creative disciplines including: graphic design for print, billboards and collateral to web design and motion graphics for broadcast. Later in my career, I was given the opportunity to manage and produce content for some of the most trafficked sites on the web. I was allowed to curate, edit and write content for AOL's kids and teens portals and later for Yahoo's games portal, which had a regular weekly audience in the millions. More recently, my career has focused on game production for both the web and mobile platforms. I had the great pleasure of working for Disney Interactive for nearly 6 years creating games for Disney.com, many of which are still actively promoted on the site.


Angeles Vista Creative Ventures, Owner - My personal game company founded to explore and bring my game concepts to fruition. I formed an LLC, taught myself Unity 3D and published my iOS game to the Apple App Store (Download Bugchinko). I also planned and executed my own PR and marketing strategy around the release of the game. My current game project is Messenger (messenger-game.com) which will be released in 2017.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Web Producer III - I was responsible for visual design, site concepts, content layout and management for JPL’s Office of Media and Communications. My role involved the ideation and creation of internal websites, external websites and online applications for JPL/NASA funded projects. A memorable highlight was the design and execution of JPL’s first online press kit for the Juno spacecraft, Jupiter Orbital Insertion (JOI) mission.

BKOM Studios, Account Director/Business Development (West Coast) - I was responsible for identifying new business opportunities, overseeing ongoing projects and providing strategic insight on the mobile game landscape. I was also tasked with attending trade shows and events in order to stay informed on evolving trends in the mobile landscape. My role also required me to remotely manage teams based in Quebec and Montreal.

Disney Interactive, Lead Game Producer - I managed a team of producers in the development of online & mobile games for The Walt Disney Studio, Walt Disney Feature Animation, The Disney Channel and Pixar. I also conceptualized, designed, pitched and produced games in Flash, HTML5, and Unity 3D for Disney.com and various Walt Disney Studios films. In this role, I worked closely with studio marketing executives, show executives, screenwriters, film producers, and directors on various projects.

Yahoo! Games, Senior Content Producer - I led the daily editorial content production and programming operations for the top gaming site on the internet, at that time. I worked directly with the Editor-in-Chief and an editorial staff to author original articles, pitch weekly feature ideas and develop new content offerings.

AOL, Senior Programming Manager (Producer) - I was recruited to launch and run the games sections for AOL’s kids & teens portals. I served as the “Game Guru”, creating editorial content and online games for both portals; along with handling programming, page updates, features, scheduling, and publishing. I held a key role in establishing AOL as one of the most popular kid-focused sites on the internet, among major competitors at the time.

Atari, Senior Designer (Online) - I designed websites, online marketing assets, digital content and motion graphics for the catalog of video games being shipped each year. I had the privilege of designing sites for iconic brands like: Unreal, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Test Drive, Terminator and The Matrix.

RioPort, Web Designer - I designed and animated Flash promos, websites and marketing materials for an online music portal. (RioPort was a spiritual precursor to iTunes and was acquired in 2002.)

Kovel/Fuller, Studio Artist - My first “real” job after graduating from UCLA’s Design program was working for this medium sized advertising agency. I was responsible for taking the vision of the various Art Directors and Commercial Directors and bringing them to life. I was also given the opportunity to art direct a few ads which went to print. Some of the memorable projects I worked on included: billboards for Jiffy Lube, ads for Playboy Magazine, digital signage for Ditech Loans and the first product packaging for Zycam Cold Remedy.